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Life in Navi Mumbai, India

Posted by Miguel on

Navi Mumbai airport with unique roofingIf you are an American citizen who has the chance to move to Navi Mumbai India, you are in for the adventure of your life time. This article will cover some of the cultural things you may encounter with looking for a place to live and a few facts about Mumbai thrown in.

The style of living in this region of India is completely different than anything here in the United States. High rise apartment buildings side by side for miles. Flying over this land all you see are roof tops, but once you start walking around, you notice some roofs are high in the air, with other buildings and structures with low roofing that a person could jump down from. When we think of an apartment in America we usually think of something that is rented for a year or two at a time, with constant people rotating in and out of units. Where as in places like Navi Mumbai India units in these high rises are bought, and owned. When we think ‘apartment’ we think white walls, cheap appliances that are replaced at the end of their life when they can’t be fixed any longer. With a unit being owned, it can be customized to the owners liking just like a home.

Your own appliances can be put in to your liking, the walls can be whatever color you want. You own it just like a home in the states. Except you have people living in every direction you look of your apartment. This is the way of living and it works just fine for the area. You can find a place central to the location you need to be in for whatever reason you are moving to India and you can slip right into your new life and start one of the greatest adventures of your life. So, whatever your reason for thinking of moving to India, take that plunge, do the research and get started with the moving process.